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Welcome to American ClearSound.

Latest News

15 March, 2009  –  Thousands of crazed fans flock to website, crashing server and sending webmaster to hospital with a severe migraine.
12 March, 2009  –  CA visits trade show and displays products.
1 March, 2009  –  CA website goes live. Welcome to better hearing!

Welcome to Clearly Audible. Or a mock-website pretending to be a real company, as it were. We are committed to helping hard of hearing people Enjoy Life More™.

Assistive Listening Systems help the hard of hearing by sending a “clear sound” directly into the listener’s ear. Speech and other sounds are delivered in clear, undistorted form, void of background noises that can make hearing difficult. These systems optimize the benefits of T-coil hearing aids. Telecoil earpieces and headsets provide this same benefit for those who do not have a T-coil hearing aid.

When hearing aid users experience an Assistive Listening System, the difference can change their lives.

Follow our easy-to-choose path to help you find the best system for your personal use or for helping to make your business hard-of-hearing friendly.

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