28 February, 2018
In every single generation (really, Helen Keller wrote about how it was common knowledge that society was becoming decrepit in 1932), people start saying “I wish things were more like back in my day” or “kids these days” not because things are inherently worse in some way, but as a way of blaming the world and staying unaccountable for their own happiness. You might not connect with the movies or other media being released, and say that they’re not like the ones you used to see, but it’s because your values were shaped by what you saw first.

The insidious black

12 May, 2015
1:19 AM, and the moon still treads its steady path. This is not the end, this is just a beginning. Seeking is not itself the answer, but a means to finding it. The answer, as much as it can be culled down to a singularity, lies in everything. It is all around us. It is the fight and the flight, the terror and the horror, the sorrow and the sadness, the rumination and the remembering, the elation and the expectation.

An intersection

2 May, 2015
Tonight I walked through an intersection Green one way, red the other Right through the middle I walked No cars anywhere in sight How silly these intersections seem When the night is empty And the bustle has been eroded Are we in such a hurry? Intent on being rather than becoming We don’t even notice The near-full moon overhead Everything up to this moment was a sham A hasty rush leading only to there

But for you

30 April, 2015
I am not very transparent Visionary filled with wandering Besieged by hidden thoughts Unknown to their holder. Haunting each moment A dusting of fate The unacceptable is necessary And becomes acceptable as need. Consumed by ragelust Crushing what is with could be Embalm the old self and renew Words appear with ease. Coming to know The torrents of fire How strange it is to plumb The lake that is your home.

Customize OS X Paste and Match Style Shortcut

2 April, 2013
Mac users, you can customize the shortcut for the “Paste and Match Style” command, meaning you won’t get one more 16pt Verdana sentence pasted into your 12pt Palatino essay. Just navigate to the keyboard screen in System Preferences (above), click the little plus button beneath the list, enter the name in the field exactly as shown, push the shortcut you’d like, and click add. (via Rocket Science)

Inputting Equations in Pages

30 March, 2013
It's a pain to enter equations in Pages on a Mac. You can get them to look somewhat right by just entering the text, but there are things you can't do, like insert a vector arrow above a given character. For some simple equations, using Grapher will get the job done, but only for equations that you'd want to graph, so your options are pretty limited. So what is to do be done?

The Faraday Copter

27 March, 2013
Faraday meets Tesla. Plus a quadrocopter. What could be better? (via O’Reilly Radar)

New Anti?-Piracy System

27 February, 2013
The so-called Center for Copyright Information began rolling out a new anti-piracy system this week, and they are taking an interesting approach: They are aiming to educate consumers, rather than punish them. If you get caught trafficking in copyrighted material, they will send you alerts in a sort of “three-strike” system. If you ignore these alerts, ISPs apparently have the right to throttle your bandwidth or block certain websites. It seems to be a commendable effort, but I have little faith in its efficacy.


22 September, 2012
The sun rises, and everything is good.


11 September, 2011
I loved that feeling of being on top of the mountain, sweating under all the layers, squinting in the sun, relishing in nothing but what was around and how it made, nay, makes me feel. The soreness and fatigue were part of the wonderful discount-package-deal, and weren't unpleasant at all. THAT was/is what LIVING IS. The unabashed, simple but not trivial, full enjoyment of who and where I am. My homework isn't done, and won't be, but that's fine.
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