Kind of Zonked

I should stay up all night more often. I have some really interesting thoughts, and everything is hilarious. I’ve been running on three hours sleep today. I was really tired in the morning, but once I got past noon, it was all good. Sure, my eyes are incredibly blood-shot, and I haven’t been very coherent today, but that doesn’t matter.

If you ever decide to attempt a feat such as this, be sure and have these vital ingredients for success:

  1. Friends to keep you awake
  2. A plethora of funny movies at your disposal
  3. An imaginative mind to come up with words like, “cantankerous"
  4. A burning desire to see how long you can stay awake
You should really try it sometime. It’s quite fun. Actually, what’s really the fun part is thinking back on all those incredibly stupid things you said at 4:00 in the morning. I happen to have said something along the lines of, “Cark your parkus.” I’m suffering from severe sleep-deprivation syndrome right now so, I’m off to bed.