New Anti?-Piracy System

The so-called Center for Copyright Information began rolling out a new anti-piracy system this week, and they are taking an interesting approach: They are aiming to educate consumers, rather than punish them. If you get caught trafficking in copyrighted material, they will send you alerts in a sort of “three-strike” system. If you ignore these alerts, ISPs apparently have the right to throttle your bandwidth or block certain websites.

It seems to be a¬†commendable effort, but I have little faith in its efficacy. If providers don’t make their content available in alternative formats, things like Game of Thrones being the most-pirated show of 2012 will just keep happening.

Here is what seems to be a good synopsis of this new development in the online music industry:

If Youíre Still Mass-Pirating Music, Expect a Letter From Your ISP