They Just Keep Adding On

Gmail. They just keep adding more and more stuff! When I logged on today, I saw the familiar “New Features!” link and clicked it. Now you can automatically read RSS feeds right above your inbox! And that’s only their latest addition. Some of the other new features are virus protection, viewing .pdf documents as HTML, and on, and on, and on.
Oh yeah. There another thing: I now have 2673 MB of storage space. Completely free. Pure and utter insanity I tell you. And, of course, there are no advertisements except for the unobtrusive, completely relevant, text links. Actually, they are quite useful at times. Nothing like the enormous ads on things like Yahoo, Hotmail, or any other webmail.
The one downside to Gmail is you can’t just sign up.
You have to be invited by someone who already uses it. But, it’s not that hard to get an invitation. Just ask someone with a Gmail address for one. Every Gmail user can give out 100 invitation. First it was 6 invitiations, then 50, and now 100.
It’s Google. You can’t go wrong.